In June 2014 I started cycling in Bangkok. After riding through Thailand and Malaysia I reached Singapore, from where I took a boat to the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. I crossed Java and left the Asian continent finally from Bali. As there are no boats going to Australia I had to fly to Darwin. Over the Stuart Highway I went through the center of Australia to Adelaide and continued cycling to Sydney. In Australia I spent almost a complete year, as I was working for several months. Another plane brought me and my bike to Auckland in New Zealand. Within three months I rode a loop around both islands before switching once again the continent to South America in December 2015. From Ushuaia, the world’s most southern city, I’m heading north. Who knows how far…

During the last months I slowly grew tired of constant traveling and my nomad life. Quite spontaneous I decided to end or pause my trip after four years and booked a flight back to Europe. I finished cycling through Mexico and Latin America, had a couple of weeks in the States before leaving the Americas. My flight brought me to Amsterdam from were I cycled my last kilometers to Bonn, Germany. Where I’m living now, at least for while. I’m already constantly thinking about new adventure and have plenty ideas in my head. The time will show what happens next. For now I’m happy to be back and enjoy seeing all my friends and family again.

My last location:

at the 5/10/2017

Bonn, Germany; after about 42,908 cycled kilometer

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