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In October ’13 I set off for this adventure. At that time I’ve never imagined at all where it will lead me to and that I still wouldn’t be back three years later. I had the idea to go backpacking for a couple of months to escape my everyday life in Germany and to figure out what do afterwards, as I just quit studying.

Quickly it became clear, that I need to change something. Backpacking felt too limited and too dependent on public transport. I wanted to be free, go where I want and not staring out of a window for hours, while wonderful place are just passing by.

Inspired by some other touring cyclist I met before I sent my backpack home and bought a bike and panniers in Bangkok. It changed my whole travel experience. On a bike I can leave the touristic places easily behind and can stop where I want. Meeting and staying with local people became a normal thing and the incredible hospitality I encountered in all the countries is probably the most impressive experience I made on this trip. It’s a slow way of travelling but an intensive way. There are no windows separating me from outside, people just stop my bike and start talking to me. Every change of the environment I feel immediately, if it’s suddenly going uphill or downhill, if you stuck in a mega city as Jakarta or if the weather changes quickly.

Of course I didn’t return home. The travel got me. After cycling from Bangkok to Bali, I headed over to Australia in September ‘14, where I ended up working for a couple of months. With enough money on my bank account again it was time to make new travel plans. Quite spontaneous I decided for a continent I was dreaming of for a long time. But before leaving Oceania for good I still wanted to cycle in New Zealand.

In December ’15 then I landed in Ushuaia in Argentina with the plan to cycle north. Where I’ll end? Colombia? Alaska? I don’t know. South America is huge. The world is huge.  I don’t want to plan too much but just enjoy exploring new cultures, amazing landscapes and hopefully learning Spanish. Always with me: My camera. I hope you enjoy my photos and this blog.aboutme3


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