Support me

Without the support from so many people this trip wouldn’t be the same. Meeting random people almost on a daily basis, who invite me for a drink and a meal or give me a place to sleep, belongs to the greatest experiences I’ve ever made.

In case you want to support me let me know. Maybe you have some advice and recommendations, you’re close to my route and want to meet up or you are even able to host me. Just send me a mail. Thanks a lot already!

If you like this blog and you want to support my journey financially, you can do that via the Paypal button or ask for my bank detail via mail. If you provide your address I’m going to send you one of my photos as postcard to say thank you!

Because quite a few people keep asking how I finance this trip. At the moment I’m still living from my savings of my jobs in Australia. Generally travelling by bicycle doesn’t require that much money. Usually I camp or sometimes I get to stay with locals, so that I hardly need to spend money on accommodation. But still there are few expenses. Obviously I need to eat and after a day of cycling I can eat a lot. But an bigger impact on my budget are spare parts for my bike or if I have to replace some other gear.grid_finished1

Thanks to everyone who supported my journey with buying a calendar of me. Surprisingly I already sold all I had ordered, but I’m sure 2017 will be another great year, where I can capture again plenty of amazing photos for the next calendar.

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