Goodbye New Zealand!

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With leaving the South Island I was leaving behind also the most spectacular areas New Zealand’s and now I was riding for most of the time through endless rolling farmland back towards Auckland. Though it was eventually warm and it the summer had finally started. On some days it felt even nearly too hot for riding and I had to avoid the sun now. What I forgot first and I immediately punished with sunburn.

It’s not easy and sometimes nearly impossible to find a place for wild camping in farmland, as there’s everything fenced and I didn’t want to jump just over. Though it’s not a real problem because New Zealand’s farmers are one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met. A couple of times I had no other choice as to knock on a door and just ask if I can pitch my tent somewhere on their land for a night. Amazingly it seemed to be taken for granted to help travellers like me and I was never denied. Sometimes my host even invited me to come in for dinner or breakfast.

One day I found a free campsite next to the beach. It was great to camp again next to the ocean and hearing the sound of it all night long.

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My last highlight in New Zealand was the Te Urewera National Park, even though I haven’t expected it. I just chose the road through it, as it’s a much shorter than my original plan to go along the East Cape, for what I haven’t had the time anymore. It was a 100km long gravel road and leading through a large native rain forest. I loved it, although it wasn’t an easy ride. It was going up and down all the time with some steep climbs. In the middle of the park is the beautiful Lake Waikaremoana, where I camped for a night. It was warm and humid and being surrounded by rainforest it felt a bit like in the tropics.

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South of Roturua I bumped into hot springs again. They were named ‘Kerosene Creek’, but luckily the water didn’t smell like kerosene at all and it was the perfect place to relax. Just too bad that I didn’t have enough food otherwise might have stayed there for the night.

Two days before I reached Auckland I came into known area and I realised, that my time in New Zealand is nearly over. I cycled here for almost 5000 kilometer and have seen lot, but by far not everything. I haven’t done any hiking and that’s a good reason to come back one day. The Landscape was amazing and I’ll never forget the even more amazing people.

I was thinking a lot about where to go next. I couldn’t imagine to stop travelling, even though I’m traveling now for over two years and several times I was thinking about it. But I’m pretty sure after being back in Germany for two months or so I’ll be craving for being on the road again and will regret that decision. Time is no problem for me and I still have enough of my saving from the jobs in Australia. Nothing is keeping me away from travelling.

For a long time I had the plan to go back to Asia, but this changed during my last weeks in Australia. Once I was sitting next to a world map and imagined to cycling in South America. After that I couldn’t get rid of this idea and even started learning Spanish in the internet. A few weeks later I saw a cheap flight and just booked it spontaneously.

My last days in Auckland I spent mostly with packing and organizing the last things before I eventually started into a new adventure.

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