From backpacking to bikepacking

profil1Backpacking in Asia for about a year was my plan, when I entered the plane from Frankfurt to Kathmandu at the end of October 2013. But it all came differently. I neither kept my backpack nor did I return home to Germany a year later.

Within the first six month of my trip I had definitely not a bad time, but after a while it was more and more difficult to keep me motivated for this way of travelling. Especially to be so dependent on busses and trains really annoyed me. In fact I wanted to decide myself when and where to stop and not being stuck in a crowded bus while passing an amazing landscape or beautiful villages. Also I was too often just hopping from place to place I had read or heard about before, instead of exploring the exciting unknown.  After a few weeks of considering, what I can change, I decided eventually to send my backpack home and to buy my own vehicle: A bicycle.

Without any bicycle touring experience but with more freedom and flexibility I started into a new adventure. From Bangkok, where I bought my bike, I passed Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and finally ended up in Australia after 8000 cycled kilometer. Getting a bicycle was absolutely the best decision I could have done, as I made plenty of experiences, I would have never made as a normal backpacker. Especially all the local people I’ve come in contact with and their incredible hospitality, I’ll never forget.

Travelling by bicycle is slow, but you experience everything more intensive. There’s no window, which separates you, people will just stop you and start questioning and every change of the environment you feel immediately, if it’s suddenly going uphill or downhill, if you stuck in a mega city as Jakarta or if the climate changes. Over the time I got really fascinated by this way of traveling, so of course I’m still not finished with this trip. In November I got unexpected a job at the Uluru aka Ayers Rock, when I was riding there. Although I haven’t had originally the plan to stay there long, I took a break from cycling and used this opportunity to refill my bank account a bit.

Finally I will hit the road again in about two weeks, but this time I want to share my experiences and try to let you part of my adventure. Maybe I can even inspire somebody for an own journey. From here I’ll continue riding down the Stuart Highway to Adelaide, then I will have finished crossing Australia from north to south. Where exactly I cycle afterwards I haven’t decided yet. The time will show.

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